Vous Auction


We like to thank each of our 2020 Cloud ‘Vous attendees with an on-line splicing class worth $50.  This series of videos by Nick Araya is the most comprehensive splicing instruction series offered online!


In order to qualify you must register at http://treexp.com/vous/ninja-forms/11tjpd/AND participate in at least one Zoom seminar.

Special thanks to TreeStuff.com and Nick Araya from Tree Care LA for their very generous donation.


2020 Virtual Vous: A Cloud Based Tree Climbers Rendezvous

Bidding will open at 1:00 pm (EST) Saturday, September 5th, 2020 and will close at 1:00 pm (EST) Monday, September 7th.  

All bidding will take place on the “Tree Climbers Rendezvous – Virtual Vous” Facebook Page at:


Items will be posted approximately every 2 hours until all items have been posted on Saturday.  Winners will be announced during the annual GOTC Board Meeting between 8-9 pm (EST) Monday, September 7th.  Official start/closing time will be based on the Facebook entry.

By bidding in the Online Silent Auction, each bidder agrees to the following rules:• ONLY persons registered at the Tree Climbers Rendezvous website are eligible to participate (http://treexp.com/vous/ninja-forms/11tjpd/).  All others will be null and void.

 • If your Facebook name differs from your registration, include your name as registered for the event when bidding.

• Bids will be made in the comment section below photo/information of the item you wish to bid on. The opening bid information for each item will be posted with the photo and will include MINIMUM increments. Incremental values not meeting the minimum are invalid.

• No comments, only bids. 

• Participants may bid as many times as they want.• Bids are binding. Once it’s entered, it’s official.

• Winners will be contacted by the auction chair in order to arrange for payment (Check or Bank/Credit Card), and shipping information.Vendors/Manufactures will send product directly to winners.

• No contact, no payment within 14 days (by Sept 21st, 2020) will be considered unclaimed winnings and will go to the next highest bidder.

• All decisions by the auction chair are final.  Any disputes shall be addressed by the auction chair, and if necessary, in collaboration with the event host and/or co-organizers. 

• Each bidder assumes full assumption of all risks and hazards related to the auction and winning items.  Bidders agree to hold harmless from any liability arising indirectly from event hosts, co-organizers, sponsors and/or volunteers connected with the auction.

Auction Items Include:

TreeStuff(4) Certified Arborist Preparation Courseshttps://vimeo.com/ondemand/certifiedarborist 
TreeStuff(3) Notch Rope RunnerProhttps://www.treestuff.com/notch-rope-runner-pro/ 
Yale Cordage(2) Green RopesYale Cordage 12mm Imori, 37m (121’) hank – Green Rope https://www.yalecordage.com/
Yale Cordage(1) Purple RopeYale Cordage 11.7mm Scandere , 60m (196’ 10”) hank-Purple Rope  https://www.yalecordage.com/
Yale Cordage(1) Multi-Color RopeYale Cordage 7/16 Kernmaster Explorer 200ft hank– Various colors Ropehttps://www.yalecordage.com/
???Surprise!Hoping to add a few more items to this list as the weekend progresses…

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Happy Bidding!!!