Rendezvous Survey

Rendezvous Planning 2021, 2022, 2023, 2024 Survey

Current Status: Final Version

In an effort to determine when and where to have the next three Rendezvous, various Treeples (e.g., past and future ‘Vous organizers, the GOTC, tree climbing clubs) would like to survey the tree climbing community at large. The pandemic conditions continue to be uncertain and may affect attendance of in-person gatherings. We want to be realistic during all planning efforts, and invest everyone’s energy and time carefully. 

We are sure the tree climbing community wants to know if you have other great ideas for a Rendezvous! If you are interested in hosting a ‘Vous, the GOTC (with invaluable input from past hosts) is ready to help facilitate the Rendezvous process and guide you as needed. As Treeples, we strive to make the yearly Rendezvous a success for, and with, the entire tree climbing community. 

The survey will be open until Friday April 16th. We strive to analyze the results of this survey by mid-May and distribute the final results and decisions by Friday June 18 at the latest. This will give Rendezvous hosts and committee members time to prepare. 

We currently have two future Rendezvous hosts and locations lined up:

  1. Two Hawk Hammock and Cedar Lakes Woods and Gardens, Florida, USA — near Williston: and /
  2. TBD, United Kingdom

You can find more in-depth details about the Florida location by following this link:

Florida Vous Information Sheet 

We are considering various options and we ask you to help us find the more viable ones. To this end, we will guide you through a series of questions.

Completing the survey will take approximately 15 minutes. We ask you to submit the survey, even when you are limited by time and can only answer several questions.

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