Organizers and Volunteers

Thank You!!! We simply couldn’t have done it without you! This is a 100% Volunteer Effort.

A BIG Thank YOU to our main 2020 Rendezvous Organizers!!!

Eric FolmerHost and Lead Organizer Eric Folmer, aka Tree Wolf, was the brains behind this and recent Tree Climbers Rendezvous events. His initial concept of conducting a virtual vous at different times to reach a worldwide audience was the inspiration for the 2020 Virtual Vous. Eric orchestrated and spearheaded the virtual 3-day event recruitment and schedule effort. He not only brought forth an assortment of notable speakers he’s networked with over the years, but he hosted a group meeting and two very informative webinars, as well. Additionally, he organized the California-based gathering and contributed financially.
John GreerWebmaster and Social Media Coordinator John was the primary builder of the Tree Climbers Rendezvous website beginning shortly after the 2019 Coastal Redwood’s Vous. His goal was to build a website that would serve as a community portal for each year’s Tree Climbers Rendezvous. Due to the pandemic and out of an abundance of caution, it was decided that the 2020 year’s Vous would be a virtual cloud based event. During that entire time and continuing to the present, the website and social media have continued to serve an integral role in contributing to our ongoing success. John’s on-line presence, communications, and web development contributions not only benefited the Tree Climbers Rendezvous in 2020, but will also provide a structured template for future Vous.
Nadia LombarderoThis and That… Nadia organized and created the t-shirt fund-raising campaign, resulting in the creation of a full line of promotional merchandise and thereby laying the groundwork for future Tree Climbers Rendezvous fund raising efforts, using a 3rd party vendor’s drop-shipping process. Nadia’s efforts to arrange for the sale of sponsored apparel not only raised hundreds of dollars to better ensure the event’s ongoing success, but also to serve as a fund raising template tool, for future use. Nadia also organized the Florida-based gathering (which demonstrated recreational tree climbing to dozens of people) and helped organize two of the presentations. She was also crucial in the arrangement of the Facebook silent auction, worked on social media and website content, helped wrap-up the event and contributed financially.
Tammy BillsAuction Organizer Tammy led a very successful silent auction by securing generous donations from a variety of sources and taking care of all the many, many details that auctions entail. With a short timeline and rapidly dwindling deadline, Tammy was able to secure not just three Rope Runner Pros from TreeStuff, but numerous products and services from various Treeples, which in turn, were auctioned off using an innovative social media platform. While the experience produced far better than expected results, the online experience elevated insights, making it far easier for our volunteers to conduct future auctions.
Tamela FishZoom Coordinator Tamela burst on the scene like a gift from the Heavens. Her knowledge, expertise and experience really helped pull everything together, from a virtually technical standpoint. Tamela lead the Zoom-based conferences, over a grueling three-day schedule. With both her on-line presence and the technical behind-the-scenes capabilities, she guided us through a dozen webinars and several group meetings, as well as, facilitated several rehearsal meetings. She promoted the event through social media and provided a huge contribution through the post-production editing of all the recorded webinars that now appear on our website and YouTube channel

Many, many thanks to all the volunteers that worked right along the main organizers: