Fundraising Dinner – Description, Pricing, and Registration Link

What is included with the Fundraising Dinner?

Many of the 2022 Florida Tree Climbers Rendezvous speakers received scholarships from the Global Organization of Tree Climbers (GOTC) which is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group.  This annual international event helps attendees connect with other tree-climbing professionals to learn about sustainable tree climbing for research, education, therapy, conservation, and recreation, in addition to raising funds for future scholarships.  To see some of the ways tree climbing can benefit our planet Videos – Tree Climbers Rendezvous

Please join us for dinner, presentations, and silent auction on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday night(s).  To see the schedule of presentations please visit 2022 Speakers and Presentations – Tree Climbers Rendezvous

Pricing and Registration for the Fundraising Dinner will be available on January 2022