Who we are

We provide a welcoming space for tree climbers to meet, climb trees and exchange information. Our multi-day International Annual Tree Climbers Rendezvous (‘Vous‘ for short) is open to both new and experienced climbers, providing an all inclusive atmosphere for those of us who collectively and affectionately refer to ourselves as Treeps or Treeples.

Our members include tree climbers from all over the world who have gravitated together based on a shared passion for forests and climbing. Over the years, our annual get together has become so popular, we’ve decided to form an oversight committee, in order to better facilitate the annual Tree Climbers Rendezvous as well as other regional based events.

Our events have taken us to some amazing locations, including the Costa Rica rain forests and Northern California’s redwood groves. The conferences include notable speakers on a variety of informative topics. Educational workshops are also offered throughout the events. The Tree Climbers Rendezvous are accompanied by optional, pre and post, ‘Vous excursions, for those interested in exploring the area, or host country, in a guided group.

We are affiliated with the Global Organization of Tree Climbers, or GOTC for short. The GOTC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit group who provides us with better infrastructure and helps guide us to various resources that better ensure our ongoing success. We, in turn, help connect the GOTC with potential members and volunteer support, thereby serving us all in a mutually beneficial way.

Our event oversight committee is managed by dedicated volunteers. We learn from year to year and strive to bring you the best event possible. We are always looking for places to sponsor and host our events in the future. If you know of such a place or are interested in hosting or becoming a volunteer, please contact us.