2020 Virtual Vous


Due to health risks associated with Covid 19, we decided to make this a virtual (cloud based) event.

Registration is free and voluntary, plus it helps you stay informed and us better prepared. This is an all inclusive, multi-faceted, free of charge, worldwide event where everyone is welcome, including non-registered guests.

  • Date: September 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th, 2020
  • Location: The Cloud
  • Cost: Free
  • Schedule: http://treexp.com/vous/2020-virtual-vous-schedule/

    Meeting 1: Hosted by Eric (Tree Wolf) Folmer, the times will be 4 pm Pacific Standard Time on Saturday 5th in Berkeley, California. Seoul will be 8 am on Sunday the 6th. The London zone will be the night owl group for this one at midnight Pacific Standard Time.

    Meeting 2: Hosted by Yousun Kim aka Joyce from Seoul, 4 pm Sunday Korea time (thanks Yousun). London will be 8 am on Sunday. Berkeley will be midnight.

    Meeting 3: Hosted by Roxi. London/Denmark time 4 pm on Sunday. Berkeley 8 am on Sunday. Seoul will be at midnight.

    Webinars – Workshops, Lectures & Jam Sessions will feature guest speakers and performers: Nick (TreeCareLA) Araya, Normer (Cat Rescue) Adams, Richard (Climbing Innovations) Mumford, James (Tree Monkey) Reed & Eric (Tree Wolf) Folmer and others.

This event will include Zoom meetings, each being facilitated and at specific location and time zone, in order to enable participants from around the world to participate during daylight hours. These meetings will enable participants with internet access to join in while climbing trees, or from anywhere throughout the world. The meetings and interactive lectures will also be recorded and archived for viewing on this website at a later date.

The Vous website will serve as the event’s main portal, and include URL links to other online content providers, including Zoom, Instagram, Facebook and Youtube, throughout the event. This event will also provide a photo, video and file sharing platform for those who may wish to upload various materials, as a way for individual participants and groups to be more fully represented, including those with intermittent internet access.

We are still in the planning and scheduling stages. Our volunteers are also busy with merchandising, fund raising, and PR. For additional information, please contact us.

We look forward to making this year’s Vous a huge success for the benefit of all. With everyone’s help and support, this will be legendary.